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3 Months parts and labour mechanical breakdown warranty

Excludes any failure of parts caused by loss of coolant or oil, loss of coolant. (Engine water or fluid)�. This can be caused by a leaking radiator, water pump, water pipe, head gasket, other gasket, O ring etc�.. Vehicles are fitted with a temperature gauge or warning light to alert the driver of coolant loss, another sign of coolant loss is the heater going cold. At the first sign of either. STOP IMMEDIATELY. Failure to do so will ruin the engine and be the owner�s responsibility. Wait for the engine to cool (up to 30 minutes) before checking the coolant level. Do not remove the coolant pressure cap until cool. Familiarise yourself with the normal position of the engine temperature gauge (if fitted) if temperature rises more than normal. STOP IMMEDIATELY. Note: The engine will run slightly hotter in hot weather.

Loss of oil or oil pressure, this can be caused by a leaking gasket, washer, oil seal etc, or, oil pump failure. If the oil pressure gauge drops or oil warning light shows when driving. STOP IMMEDIATELY. Failure to do so may ruin the engine and be the owner�s responsibility. Familiarise yourself with the normal position of the oil pressure gauge (if fitted) Note: Oil pressure will be less when the engine is hot.

Engine management systems, ECU�s, sensors, etc

Vehicles after the year 2000 are generally fitted with an ECU (electrical control unit), this is basically a computer that tells the vehicle how to run, by sensing vehicle speed, fuel emissions, throttle position, crankshaft position, camshaft position, exhaust gasses, gear position and speed etc. When any of these experience a glitch or failure, they may cause the engine management system to go into limp or get you home mode. This may be indicated by an engine management light illuminating. The engine will normally lose power or may stop. This is rather like your home PC needing to be re-booted. This can sometimes be overcome by turning the ignition off for 30 seconds and on again, or removing a battery terminal and re-fitting after 30 seconds (please remove keys from the car before doing so) Sensor failures can sometimes be caused by water ingress, extreme temperatures, electrical interference, stone or debris damage and general wear and tear, i.e. they are simply worn out, they look perfect but have stopped working. We will do our best to find the problem and help with the costs (we have access to most of the latest and best diagnostic machines and mechanics) we will diagnose, and endeavor to help at our discretion but will not be held responsible for cost of repairs.

This is a mechanical breakdown warranty, it does not cover general wear & tear. Excludes CD Players, Tuners, or any type of entertainment system.

Cheapies: These vehicles are usually high mileage, ( over 100,000 miles, & over 10 years old ), which have generally been part exchanged on a retail car we have sold. They are normal everyday cars in reasonable condition for their age & mileage. We recommend that you have a knowledgeable friend or mechanic check the vehicle, at our premises before buying, as these cars are sold "as seen & tried", without any warranty whatsoever, unless agreed & written by us on the purchase invoice. If not, then they are sold, as seen for spares or repair. Please note that there is no comeback after a vehicle has been purchased.

Any repairs, work or alterations to a vehicle supplied by us by persons other than those previously approved and agreed by us, DOES Invalidate any warranty.


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