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Sunnybank Garage
A28 Canterbury Road
Canterbury Kent

For directions enter your  postcode below:

01227 730025

Opening Times
Mon to Fri: 9 AM to 6 PM
Sat: 10AM to 4PM
Sundays and Bank Holidays: 11 AM to 1 PM
(or by appointment)


For your peace of mind:

Retail vehicles (up to 7 years old and up to 70,000 miles) costing £2000 and above are supplied with:

  • New MOT Certificate.
  • Full professional valet
  • Free  HPI Check (typically charged at £39.95)
  • 64 point vehicle inspection check. (comprises visual checks, covering bodywork, mechanical and electrical components)
  • Own comprehensive 3 month back to base mechanical breakdown warranty.

Experience has showed that customers are happier with a fully comprehensive 3 month cover, including battery, exhaust, brake pads etc, than a selective 12 month option.

Vehicles costing up to £2000 or over 7 years old or with more than 70,000 miles are supplied with:

  • New or Long MOT Certificate
  • 3 month major parts (engine and gearbox) warranty. Ancillaries (such as worn pumps, alternators, etc) are not covered.


Our cheapies (which have generally been part exchanged on our retail stock) costing up to £2000, are usually sold with a new or long MOT, depending on how much MOT is left valid when they are part exchanged with us. We welcome these vehicles to be checked over and road tested previous to purchase (this option is not allowed when buying any car with no warranty at an auction). These vehicles are sold as seen & tried, but without any warranty, for spares or repair.

Trade Cars

These cars are sold unchecked without any warranty at trade prices. Usually they have been previously owned by companies or leasing firms.

Why do we give a back to base warranty ?

I have been in the business of selling cars for over 35 years, and the basics are still the same today as they have always been.

We are not in the business of repairing cars for profit or for paying wages, we simply sell cars.

However, anyone else that you employ to inspect, or repair your vehicle, will be doing so for profit. and will be very happy to spend your money for you, and keep on doing so. paying a mechanic £10 an hour, and charging his hourly rate to you at £50 per hour.
The more you spend, the happier they will be, cheerfully relieving you of your money.

Read this true story below for example, It happened to one of our customers and I have seen numerous similar cases.

The car engine misfired. The new owner decided to take the car to a main dealer. The garage traced the problem to a misfire, they plugged in their OBI Reader diagnosis computer, which suggested a faulty spark plug. they then bought a set of spark plugs & fitted them. When this did not cure the problem, they plugged in the OBI again, which then, further in the machines memory, suggested: coil packs, The garage then purchased, with the car owners money of course, a set of coil packs, which still did not cure the problem. The mechanic then scratched his head and tested cylinder compressions, one read 150, one 175, another 165, another 175.( now we are into the realms of statistics. you can make of these what you like ). The mechanic was convinced that if all of the cylinders did not read exactly the same, this must be the problem. The mechanic removed the cylinder head, re-lapped or fitted new valves, replaced the cylinder head gasket, reassembled, tested engine, and guess what? the misfire still occurred. The Garage insisted that their mechanic has done the right procedure, trying to justify having now spent over £1000 of the car owners money trying to fix the misfire, and still it misfired.
So, now the garage thought the engine needed a new cylinder head at a cost of £400 plus fitting, so another £1000 of the car owners money was spent by the garage. After fitting the new cylinder head, the misfire was fixed..... However.

What the garage did not tell the owner, is that in fitting a new cylinder head, they must of necessity fit a new inlet manifold gasket, in order to bolt the original inlet manifold to the new cylinder head. The old gasket had a small score running through it, causing it to leak and suck in air, causing a misfire. This is a true story and all the above work was carried out by a main dealer. The customer insisted on taking with him all of the replaced parts to show me.

After carefully examining the alleged faulty cylinder head, It looked perfect, however I clearly saw the score through the inlet manifold gasket. I fitted the alleged faulty cylinder head to a different car, and it was perfect, and it is still running perfectly today. The manifold gasket cost £4 and it would take half an hour to fit. The main dealer turned a £30 job into a £2000 job. This is why we give a back to base mechanical breakdown warranty. We will find the problem, and sort it for you.

For full details of the the warranty please click here

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